Our Latest Builds

Kitchen Island, Upgraded Pantry, New Cubby w/ Pull-Out Drawers & Shelves, and a Castle Jointed Bedframe


Our client found us after seeing a custom island on etsy, but she didn't want to wait 3 months and pay for shipping.  She was able to take the savings and upgraded to get pull-out shelves. 

She also wanted to get her pantry organized, so we added pull-out shelfs in there too. 

Now, what to do with that awkward space under the stairs.  Add deep drawers and shelves for more storage, of course! Her husbanded installed the beautiful floor and we came back around and installed new trim around the whole kitchen to add the finishing touches.  

We also replaced her broken IKEA bed and replaced it with a sturdier solid wood, castle jointed platform bed.   

Walnut Wine Box with Brass Inlay


We were contacted by our client as she had searched high and low for a high-end Walnut wine box.  We created the body from Walnut ply, as she requested to see the beautiful layers of wood to match another beautiful piece of furniture she had in her home.  We added the Brass inlay or strength and stunning contrast against the dark walnut.   

Outdoor Swing Bed


A sweet surprise for Father's Day.  Our client wanted to surprise her husband for Father's Day.  Cedar body, new twin mattress, Sunbrella waterproof mattress cover, hangers to match the heavy duty nylon rope and some rope skills made this a great build. 

This picture doesn't do it justice. If only you could smell the cedar! 

Custom Office Wall/Library 

Custom Office Wall/Library Cabinets with storage.  Each cabinet is built individually, so that the clients may take them with them when they move.  The left cabinet has built in Filing Drawers, the center has a single drawer and lower open space, and the right cabinet has a pull-out  printer shelf and paper shellf.     

Laundry Sink Cabinet


We had been hired to do a large built-in, but then our client's laundry room flooded. Plans changed and we started on a new Laundry Sink Cabinet.  Our client loved the green color, and wanted to go bold. The white granite counter top adds richness to the room and the gold knobs give it some modern class.  

Closet Door Swap

Clients wanted to swap out their bi-fold closet doors for new custom doors with full size mirrors.

We demoed the existing tracks and doors, reinforced the Jam to hold the weight of the new doors, trimmed out the frame and added high quality concealed 115 degree hinges.  

The clients wanted to update the look of their room and we think these doors add the clean modern look they were hoping for.  While there we also took and unusble nook and added cabinet doors to turn the space into a mini closet.  We took it from track home to custom home.  

"Stay Home" Upcycle Wine Cabinet Project


Clients were looking for a project while following "Stay Home" Orders. They wanted a custom kitchen cabinet but wanted to save a bit on the budget by painting it themselves and up-cycling an existing 10in cabinet. Our solution.... Incorporate the existing cabinet, add a wine rack and a cubby to fit their wine cooler, and add on a custom deep cabinet with trash pull-out to the opposite side!! To top it off, no pun intended, finished it off with a butcher block top that the clients will stain to match their kitchen décor. 

Japanese Spirit Garden Gate 

A collaborative build with Fence Works NW to create a Japanese Spirit Garden Gate. The timbers 12ft  tall and 8ft wide.  The gate is built out of Ipe wood also known as "Iron Wood". Ipe is beautiful in color and It's dense grain makes it ideal for outdoor builds.    


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